George Balanchine's Serenade with Symphony of Life


For the first time, Cleveland Ballet has been granted the rights to perform one of the most celebrated ballets in the history of dance, Serenade, choreographed by George Balanchine. Serenade, as a signature work of New York City Ballet’s repertory, has been added to our very own fast-growing repertoire, making the very first ballet our company will perform with a live orchestra. The one-act ballet represents a milestone in the history of dance, being the very first ballet choreographed by Mr. Balanchine in America. The George Balanchine Trust has granted permission for Cleveland Ballet to perform this masterpiece.

Symphony of Life 

Join the company as they immerse themselves into a beautiful and elegant musical score from world-renowned Israeli composer Anna Segal, which is the first commissioned musical score for Clevland Ballet.  Cleveland Ballet not only commissioned Anna Segal, but the artistic story is told through the world-renowned choreographer, Ilia Zhivoi. With 24 musicians making up a quaint but powerful live orchestra, conductor Caleb Young – making his Playhouse Square debut – and musical advisor Alexandra Preucil bring to life Segal’s wonderful piece of music with Cleveland Ballet artists bringing their own artistry and flare to Zhivoi’s beautiful choreography. Symphony of Life breathes new life into Cleveland Ballet, effectively ending their eighth season on a high note.