Workshop: The Performer, the Object, the Secret In Between by Yael Rasooly (Paper Cut)

The performer, the object, the secret in between.

July 26, 2024 at 4:30 pm | WIST

In this short and intense workshop, Yael Rasooly invites participants on a creative journey into the universe of object theatre. Participants will explore the dialogue and relationships between the performer/character and “ready-made” objects. They will look for objects that are “loaded” with meaning, either from the use of the object or from its symbolic associations, or objects that contain an emotional load linked to memory and personal history. Exercises and improvisations will be carried out in groups, also touching on the theme of individual creation as a starting point for future development.  Above all, the workshop aims to immerse participants in the process of creation itself, providing tools for individual and group work. We will dive together into a space of invention and playfulness, working quickly, with increased sensitivity and insisting on pleasure in the creative process. 

This is a free event. Tickets required. Limited Capacity.