Shen Yun 

Shen Yun presents the spirit of the divine-land and culture tradition before communism. Shen Yun brings to life 5,000 years of Chinese civilization through classical Chinese dance and music in an exhilarating show you will never forget. The show moves quickly through regions, dynasties, and legends. Ethnic and folk dances fill the stage with color and energy. Tremendous athleticism, thunderous battle drums, and masterful vocalists are all set to animated backdrops that transport you to another world. With eight companies now, last year Shen Yun gave around 800 performances in 200 cities around the world. Its grand production astonishes global audiences with nearly 80 artists, 400 handmade colorful costumes, and a live orchestra with Western and Chinese instruments.

Find out why artists and theatergoers around the world are calling Shen Yun “breathtaking,” mesmerizing,” “a miracle,” and “inspiring.” Allow yourself to be taken away to distant lands and ancient legends. See Shen Yun and discover how you, too, can be inspired.